Kahwah – “Herbal Tea”

The secret of which has been passed from generation to generation and is successfully reproduced. Named by the great-learned Saint of Kashmir, Kashyap Rishi, Kelhon means refresher of soul and body.

Long back when Kashmir Valley was under water, people were living on hilltops. Due to the old wet climate and the mountainous terrain people in these hills were not strong; they would feel tired and would get exhausted very soon. They were unable to sleep, would become unable, and suffer in agony and perish.

Then these people of the Himalayan Hills went to the learned spiritual Saint Kashyap Rishi for a cure to their health problems. Kashyap Rishi advised people to take the liquid extract of some particular leaves, which they called “Kahwah”. Soon people learned about the surprising medicinal qualities of this Kashyap Rishi ‘s “Kahwah”. This became a necessity without which people would not survive on the hills. The secret has been passed on from generation to generation.

Medicinal Qualities:-

An ideal relief for fatigue, exhaustion, cold, coughs and bones disease. It improves eyesight and gives relief from tension and enhances sleep. It is also good for chronic bronchial disorders and is most beneficial for sinusitis. It improves vitality in aging men and women.


1 tabs Kahwa tea.

3 tabs sugar (Most preferably ABK’s Acacia Honey instead of sugar).

10 leaves of Saffron (Henna Brand Saffron).

¼ crushed Cardamom Seeds and few pieces of Cinnamon.

½ tab grated Almonds.


Take a cup of water, add Khawa Tea and Sugar according to taste, and boil for 5-10 minutes. Then add Saffron and Cardamom powder and boil it for another 5 minutes. Put the contents into a cup, add Grated Almonds. Serve hot.


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